Friday, April 22, 2016

Cumin Seeds – The Delightful Spice!

Cumin Seeds – The Delightful Spice

Why it is called so?

Besides its culinary uses, this aromatic spice is known for its medicinal properties since ancient times. Being an excellent source of iron, it aids in digestion, boosts the immune system and has anti-carcinogenic properties.

It contains about 100 chemical compounds including vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and fatty acids. They are known for their healing qualities.

* Regular usage of cumin in your food helps in keeping your skin free from boils, rashes, pimples etc. This is because it has components such as Cuminaldehyde , Thymol and phosphorus which are good detoxifying agents. Applying vinegar with ground cumin seeds could be benefited for acne or boils.

* Cumin has a high content of vitamin E which keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

* Combination of antioxidant effect and antibacterial capacity of cumin provides you with a healthy, beautiful skin that lasts far into your old age.

*Put some cumin seeds in boiled water. Once it is cooled, take a bath with that water to get relief from body heat and skin itchiness

* Drinking cumin water can relieve the burning sensation of the palms and the soles .Add one teaspoon of cumin seeds to 4 litres of water and boil.
Remove it from the heat and keep it covered.
You can drink this water (preferably warm) whenever you feel thirsty as well as after your meals.

* Prepare a face pack by mixing finely ground turmeric and cumin in the ratio 3: 1.

In order to prepare a peel off face mask, you can use honey instead of water to mix both the ingredients. Apply this on your face and wait till it dries up.
Wash off.
This will make your skin smooth and glowing.

* Black cumin is known to combat thinning of hair, baldness and falling hair . 

* Black cumin seeds can provide you with those long and lustrous tresses.

*Oil extract from cumin is a great stimulant, carminative, antioxidant and diuretic. It is often used for massage in aromatherapy and scalp treatments to get rid of dandruff .

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  1. I didn't know that cumin is rich in vitamin E, but it's a great curry powder substitute when you grind it with dried cardamom seeds. Thanks for the tips!