Saturday, April 23, 2016

How to make a PERFECT KISS

How to make a PERFECT KISS

Is there anything called "Perfect Kiss"? 
Is there any widely acceptable method that could deliver a "Perfect Kiss" ?

How could it be? 
Few like it 'HOT', few like it 'SOBER', few like it 'GENTLE', few like it 'WILD' and so on.
Besides where to kiss to call it "Perfect Kiss"? 
Some like it on lips, some like it on cheeks, some like it on someplace else....

When it should be kissed to call a "perfect Kiss" ?
Many a times the most shy person likes to kiss publicly, on the other hand the most handsome guy may like it at very quiet private place to get full pleasure!

So, the question is of pleasure! 
Whenever, Whatever, Whoever gets pleasure from kissing is the right kiss, if not "perfect kiss"! 
Lips are the most common and most usual place to kiss, either private or public! Any other place kissing is also true and happening, but we concentrate on face lips kiss! 
Since kissing is matter of pleasure, so one must keep in mind the pleasure of both, self and the partner.

Interestingly if your partner likes bully kiss, and get pleasure from it, then you must adjust your nature to derive the pleasure, in case you are averse to that bully kiss idea!  
So, few things should be in place, yes to have that heavenly pleasure! 

1. Don't wear a lip gloss that is too sticky. Since the end of the night kiss should be soft and sensual — definitely not sticky.

2. Don't wear a gloss with glitter. It's okay for the display, but certainly it's not the lip gloss what your partner wants!

3. It's just a reminder - Always keep your breath clean and smelling fresh! Keep mouth freshener handy, since most of the time kissing happens suddenly and surprisingly. Don't spoil the surprise! 

4. Alright, it happens suddenly but that doesn't mean you have to be hasty! Whenever it happens, and you are in it, try to be sensual and do whatever you feel comfortable! If your eyes could be sensual even without physical touching, then it's very much possible to become sensual within fraction of millisecond as soon as you make the kissing happen! 

What else? Go ahead start Kissing right now! Happy Kissing! 

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