Monday, April 25, 2016

The magical elements of Papaya

Papaya magic!

The food value and nutrients contain in papaya virtually endless! 
Let's see regular eating of papaya, how effects our health and lives. Easily digestible, very tasty and nutritional value made it very popular fruit and vegetables among people.

Papaya contains rich carotene and less calories, so it's very effective for obese people. Vitamin E, A & C are abundant in papaya. 100 g papaya contains 39 calorie. It's anti-oxidant element reduces excessive fat. 

Papaya is very effective for Skin and facial problems.It prevents  pimple, acne  type infections. Raw papaya skin is widely used as face pack, which clears the pores and revitalize the cells.

Papaya is an essential food for heart patients. It decreases sodium levels in blood, controls blood pressure and regulates blood flow very effectively.

It's quite helpful for intestinal problems, gastric, ulcer, acid re flux. Anti amoebic  & anti parasitic elements in papaya seed controls bowel movements.

It's immensely beneficial for women for their various kinds of pain. Drinking of papaya leaves, tamarind and salt mixed with water could relief various inflammatory pains of women. 

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