Sunday, July 3, 2016

How to Make Hisa Paturi

Since when Bengalis like Hilsa taste, is unknown to historians!
But who really care about Hilsa History-Geography?
It's been there in the past and shall remain in future! 
So, come on, Let's learn one more superb tasty Hilsa dish called KING HILSA PATURI

Ingredients - 

4 pieces (500 gm) fresh Hilsa,
2 Tbsp grated coconut 
2 Tbsp black Mustard paste
2 Tbsp white mustard Paste
1 Tsp green chili paste
1 Tsp Turmeric powder 
2 Tbsp Mustard oil
salt to taste
and banana leaf for wrapping

Method - 
Wash and rinse Hilsa pieces. 
Mix all the ingredients, in exact quantity, and make a semi thicker paste. 
Now coat the fish pieces well with this paste all around.
Take 12 square inch banana leaf. Burn the leaves a little over direct flame, to avoid rupture. Burning a little helps the leaves to become tender and soft.
Place the paste coated fish in it. wrap and tie up with a thread.
Do the same for all pieces.
Now boil 1/2 litre water. Put a holed tray over it. Place wrapped and tied fish on this tray. Put on a lid and cover the wrapped fish.
cook for 10-12 minutes keeping covered. 
After 10-12 minutes, nice flavor of cooked Hilsa will come out. 
You may also cook it in microwave. If you cook in Microwave, heat the oven at 350-400 degree. Cook for 15 minutes.
Open the lid. 
Your cooking has done!
Unwrap and untie the fish.
Serve this superb tasty Hilsa dish with rice! You may also eat without rice! 

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