Thursday, July 7, 2016

Royal Hilsa Korma

This delicate and one of the finest Hilsa cuisine, is not quite popular among masses, since it's used to be consumed by East Bengal Kings and Zamindars in their period. 
Over the years little changes and adoption could make it household culinary Hilsa item. Let's learn that trick and get the taste of this Royal Hilsa dish.

500 g fresh Hilsa fish
1 Tbsp sesame paste
2 Tbsp poppy seeds paste
4 big chopped onion 
1 Tbsp cashew & Almond paste
1 Tbsp (2 Tsp) whisked curd 
3-4 Green chili (slit)
2 Tbsp oil
salt to taste

Method -
Wash and clean fish pieces. 
Heat oil in a pan. Fry the fish pieces little. Don't fry too much. Keep aside.
Put chopped onion in oil. Fry a little. 
Add Poppy seeds paste. 
Add 1 Tbsp cashew & Almond paste
Add Sesame paste. Mix well.
To avoid burnt sticking at bottom add 2 tsp water. 
Stir and cook. Add salt to taste.
Add 1 Tsp Whisked yogurt. 
Don't cook too much these masala. 
Add 1 cup or 150 ml water. 
Remember, entire cooking shall be in simmer. 
Add coarse dry red chili powder
Now, put the fried fish in this gravy
Put on lid just for few minutes.
After 2-3 minutes open the lid. Ilish Rajdarbar Korma or Royal Hilsa Korma is ready! 
Add, rest 1 Tsp Whisked yogurt and slit green chilies. Put on lid for 2-3 minutes so that chili and yogurt get steamed little.
Now serve with Caraway Rice! (How to Make caraway rice)

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