Friday, May 6, 2016

Male often lies these to their girlfriends

"I never tell you lies, never hide anything from you"

"You are the sexiest woman in my life"

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"Oh, no honey! you're nice slim as you were before"

"I won't mind your phone conversation with your mom" 

"I am not in hurry for sex"

"No, I don't watch porn"

"Sorry, darling, today I have meeting with Boss, so I can't back early" 

"I respect women's freedom and privacy"

"I don't think you need to go to parlor now, you're looking sweet"

See: Lies women tell
"I never mind you to mix with your male colleagues"

"Never! I am not at all possessive"

"Honey, I am busy now, call you back soon"

"No, I am not interested in your friend"

"You were the most gorgeous among all ladies, at last night party"

"I won't complain about your shopping" 

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