Friday, May 6, 2016

Common lies ladies tell to their boyfriends

"I am getting ready just in 10 minutes, honey"

"Oh! com'n, I am neither jealous nor feeling insecure"

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"No, I am never inquisitive about your personal space"

"I am not at all shopping freak"

"I like to spend time with your parents"

"I don't enjoy porn without you"

"I am not at all inquisitive about your other female friends, colleagues"

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"I can't talk more than 5 minutes on phone"

"I am not bothered about your social media activities"

"You are my Mr.Perfect"

"You look handsome in any dress"

"I respect your privacy"

"My parlor bill is never big"

"I am not careerist"

"I won't mind you spend time with your friends"

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