Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Hilsa is arguably the most tasty fish Bengalees consume. Varieties of Hilsa dishes are there to cater different taste of people.
This JEERA ILISH or Cumin Hilsa dish is not only tasty but also very stomach friendly for cumin. 
So try it today and I bet you couldn't forget it ever! 

For 4 person you need 

Ingredients - 

500 gm Fresh Hilsa Fish
50 gm whole cumin (soaked, rinse and pasted)
1 tsp black cumin 
8-10 green chili
1 tsp Turmeric powder
2 big chopped tomato 
100 ml mustard oil
salt to taste

Method -
Coat the fish pieces with turmeric powder and salt. 
Heat oil in a pan. Saute 1 tsp black cumin.
Add slited green chili.
Put 50 gm whole cumin paste (soaked, rinse)
1 tsp Turmeric powder, chopped tomato
salt to taste and cook these for a minute
After a minute add 150 ml water.
Cook for 2 minutes before adding fish pieces.
When the gravy turned little dark color, add fish pieces.
If you want, you can fry little the Hilsa pieces, but raw Hilsa pieces taste more. 
Adding pumpkin leaves or ash gourd leaves or bottle gourd leaves with this dish shall enhance its tastes. But, don't worry, if you can't add it. 

Put on lid and cook for 5 minutes remain covered. 
After 5 minutes, open the lid. 
Your JEERA ILISH or Cumin Hilsa is ready!
Serve with Basmati rice!

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