Monday, March 28, 2016

Bangladeshi Gokul Pitha

Bangladeshi Gokul Pitha 

Rich heritage of Bengali PITHA-PULI culture, observed during the New crop season around mid-January, produces such marvelous and delightful GOKUL PITHA. 
It's called the king of all PITHA-PULI! 
Jhumu Poli shows how easily you can make and taste this delicacy at your home 
Enjoy with your family during this New Crop season.

Making of Bangladeshi Gokul Pitha
you need for 30-35 GOKUL PITHA -

for Stuffing Mixture - 
500 gm Full cream cow milk latex or Mawa 
500 gm sugar
500 gm grated coconut

Heat a pan. mix all these and stir continuously till all the ingredients mixed into a very sticky tight mixture. Don't add water or  milk. 
Now off the flame. and let the stuffing mixture cool and hardened. 

for Batter - 
300 ml cream milk
200 gm rice powder
100 gm whole flour
500 gm sugar
few cardamom 

mix all these ingredients into a thicker paste. 

Making Gokul Pitha - 

Now, take that stuffing mixture. Make tiny balls and spread it pressing between your palms. 
It will look like thin bigger tablet.

Now put those mixture tablets into the batter, so that both side of the cake get well coated. Then, deep fry it in low flame. 

After frying immediately dip these cakes into sugar syrup.
let it become cool. 

serve it cool and taste the King of Pitha-Puli - GOKUL PITHA! 

Delicious Gokul Pitha 

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