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Sweet dishes of Bengal 

World adores many sweet dishes of Bengal.
KHIRPULI or DUDHPULI is one of the most yummy sweet dishes, Bengal's gift to global gourmets.
Jhumu Poli, tells us the recipe along with the sweet memories children to elders have common in most Bengali homes.

For KHIRPULI stuffing you need -
1 medium size coconut grated.
200-250 gm sugar or palm-jaggery
50 gm Mawa
1tsp small cardamom powder
Heat a pan. Add grated coconut, palm-jaggery/Sugar, mawa together. Keep stirring till the mixture gets sticky and oil comes out. 
Flame off. Add cardamom powder and let it become cool.

All you require to make 50-60 KHIRPULI -
500 gm boiled paddy Rice powder
2 Ltr full cream milk
250 gm pal-jaggery / sugar
100 gm condensed milk
150 gm Mawa 

Make a tight dough of Rice powder with warm water. Make small balls from that dough. Flatten the balls pressing between palms to make KHIRPULI shells. 
Fill the shells with coconut Stuffing. Seal the ends of the shell.
Boil full cream milk to make it thicker. Add Mawa.
When Mawa melts completely, add the raw KHIRPULIs and boil to cook for about 5 minutes. When KHIRPULIs get soft add palm-jaggery or sugar.
Boil for another 2 minutes. 

Off the flame. Add condensed milk and let it get cool.
Your creamy KHIRPULI is ready. Serve it cooler.

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