Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to Make crispy Butter Masala Dosa

How to Make crispy Butter Masala Dosa 

At your home party guests will get surprised to see you make crispier Butter Masala Dosa just in a minute!
Prepare yourself in advance with this extremely easy-to-make guide!

Surprise Your Guests
for Dosa stuffing Masala -
heat oil in a pan. add whole mustard, curry leaves, peanut
add dry red chili, chopped onion, coconut, tomatoes, garlic, green chili, capsicum
add  mashed boiled potatoes, salt
and cook 2/3 minutes till very smooth lump 

making Dosa batter -

Soak 150 gm(1 cup) Urad Dal and 
300 gm Basmati Rice(2 cup) in water for 2 hrs.
Then blend thoroughly both and leave it
covered overnight for fermentation.
consistency of the batter is important.
It should neither be thick nor thin.

WoW! So crispy Butter Masala Dosa

Making Dosa -
Heat a non-stick tawa and grease it with oil.

pour one cup batter, immediately spread it 
round the tawa, as much thinner as possible. 

sprinkle little oil (or butter, if you want to make butter Dosa) over it, as it get condensed smooth the Dosa surface with  spatula tip 

As it starts turning brownish at the edge put masala inside and spread little

When its edges gets up by itself and turned brown your Dosa is ready. 

Fold it and take out off tawa.

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