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Nawabi Awadh Biriyani

Nawabi Awadh Biryani

Satyajit Ray masterpiece "Satranj ke Khiladi" on Awadh Nawab, reminds someone of Rich Nawabi culture of finest cuisines! Jhumu Poli adopts that to make NAWABI AWADH BIRIYANI, which Nawab Wazid Ali Shah, himself, would have been the best connoisseur! Give it a try today!

Delicious Nawabi Awadh Biriyani

Cooking of Biriyani chicken

85% Prepared Rice
Marinated Biriyani gosht

Marinated Biriyani chicken

Marinated Biriyani gosht, potato and Beresta

Nawabi Awadh Biryani

Awadh Biriyani Ingredients

What you need

500 gm  Basmati Rice
1 KG       Chicken
1/2 gm    Saffron 
500 gm  Potato
1 tsp       Turmeric powder
50 gm     Mawa
2 tsp       Corn flour
150 gm  Onion(for Beresta)
150 gm  Onion (for paste)
200 gm  Tomato(for paste)
25 gm    Garlic (for paste)
25 gm    Ginger(for paste)
200 gm  plain curd
100 ml    white oil
150 gm   Ghee
1 cup      Milk
2 tsp        Kewra Water
2 tsp        Garam Masala powder
20 gm     Whole Garam Masala
                Salt to taste
                Aluminium Foil paper/ flour (for sealing)

                                                                               Nawabi Awadh Biryani Video

Direction -

1.Soak the Basmati Rice for 30-40 minutes. Drain water, Boil the rice up to 85-90%! Important: Don't boil the rice full or 100%! . Drain water, keep aside.

2.Make a fine paste of ginger-garlic-onion-tomato. add whisked curd. Add salt to taste.  Mix with Chicken and marinate for an hour.

3. Finely chop onion. Mix corn flour. Then deep fry till rich golden brown. (Beresta)

4. Boil the potatoes. peel off. coat with turmeric powder and salt. Deep fry and keep aside.

5.Take a cup of milk. Dissolve the saffron in milk for at least 4 hrs.

Awadh Biriyani Chicken curry

6. Heat oil in a pan. put the marinated chicken. stir well, and cook till the oil comes out and chicken becomes softer. Add fried potatoes, mix well with the curry.

Layered Biriyani Rice 

7.Prepare the Biriyani cooking container by greasing with ghee/oil. Spread one layer of Rice. Put pieces of chicken and potatoes on it. place one more layer of rice. Add Garam Masala Powder, Beresta. Sprinkle little Kewra water. Add ghee spreading all over the rice. place rest chicken and potatoes. 
Place final layer of rice. Again, add Garam Masala Powder, Beresta. Sprinkle little Kewra water. Add ghee spreading all over the rice. 
Now add saffron diluted in milk. spray all over the rice with little gaps in between. Optionally, you may add coriander leaves.

Seal the lid of the Biriyani cooking container like this

8. Now, put on the lid. Make sure, seal the lid of the Biriyani cooking container very well, so that no steam comes out of the container/handi, during steaming. For sealing, you may use aluminium foil paper or, make a flour dough and paste it round the lid of the container/handi. 
If the bottom of the container/handi is not thicker then, place a thick plate over the flame. Don't put the thinner bottomed container/handi directly on the flame. Your Biriyani may get burnt.
Steam the Biriyani for 15-20 minutes in simmer flame.

9. When little flavor/aroma comes out of the container/handi, be sure your Nawabi Awadh Biriyani is ready!

10 Serve hot, with Chicken/Mutton chap or Mughlai chicken/Mutton curry!

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