Thursday, June 30, 2016

Steamed Hilsa

Hilsa is a sea fish. It dwells in salty sea water. But it lays eggs in unsalted river water during rainy season. The river Hilsa fish is heavenly tasty than the sea Hilsa fish or Salmon.
People worldwide eats Salmon, but Bengali people love river Hilsa!  Bengalees over the ages developed finest Hilsa recipes. Here is one such finest Bengali cuisine - Bhapa Ilish or Steamed Hilsa. 
Another important ingredient of this dish is Mustard seeds and Mustard oil. Without pure Mustard oil you won't get the exotic taste of this dish! 

Ingredients - 

500 g fresh Hilsa fish
2 Tbsp Black mustard paste
2 Tbsp white mustard paste
5-6 green chili paste 
2 Tbsp grated coconut
4 Tbsp Mustard oil
1 tbsp turmeric powder 
5-6 slit green chili
salt to taste

How to Make 

Wash and rinse Hilsa pieces. Marinate these Hilsa pieces with turmeric powder and salt for about half an hour.
Take a bowl with lid.
Make a semi liquid paste, in it, with all the ingredients (except fish) adding little water. 
Put the Hilsa fish pieces in that paste. Mix all round the fish very well. Pour 4 Tbsp Mustard oil in it.
Mustard oil is the important ingredient which you can't compromise, with other oil, if you want great authentic and exotic taste of this recipe.
Now, you may add 4-5 slit green chilies, if you want little hotter! close the lid of the bowl.
Take a vessel with lid. Boil about half litre water. Place the Hilsa bowl inside. close the lid of the vessel. Let it be steamed for 10-12 minutes.

Yes! your great steamed Hilsa or Bhapa Ilish is ready to serve! 
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