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Bengalis have a rich culture and heritage, which is a well known fact world wide. Bengali foods and cuisine are impeccable tasty, healthy and huge varieties.
Here is one such vegetarian dish, BANGLADESHI VEGETARIAN BHUNA KHICHDI which itself a real world class food served all over world wherever Bengalis live. Cook and enjoy eating this, right now! 
you need -
Ingredients -

2 cup Basmati Rice 
1 cup Moong Dal
1 tsp coriander powder 
1 tsp cumin powder
1/2 tsp dry red chili powder
3 Tbsp grated coconut
20-25 raisin
20-25 cashew 
25 g peanut
salt to taste
1 tsp turmeric powder, 
1/2 tsp sugar 
2 Tbsp ghee

for seasoning - 
1 tsp cumin seed 
2 bay leaf 
5 g whole garam masala

Method - 
1st wash, rinse and soak 2 cups rice. 
Dry roast (without oil) the Moong Dal. Don't roast much. Just a little.
Heat oil in a pan. Add seasoning ingredients - 1 tsp cumin seed, 2 bay leaf, 5 g whole garam masala. cook for a minute.
Add peanut. cashew nut. raisin. finely chopped coconut. 1 tsp ginger paste. 1 tsp coriander powder. 1 tsp cumin powder. 1/2 tsp dry red chili powder. cook 2 minutes.
Add soaked rice. fry well.
When rice turned whiter, add dry roasted Dal. Stir, mix and cook for 2 minutes before adding water.
Add 1 tsp turmeric powder and salt to taste before pouring in water
The ratio of water and cereals should be 2:1
Since there are 3 cups of cereals (rice and dal together) add 6 cups water.

Put lid on. let it boil till water gets dried up. When water gets almost dried add slit green chili, little sugar, grated coconut.
Add 1/2 tsp garam masala powder. mix well.
Keep in simmer till water gets completely dried.
When the water gets completely dried up, put off the flame. open lid. Add 2 Tbsp Ghee.
Serve this - BANGLADESHI VEGETARIAN BHUNA KHICHDI - hot with potato fry, cucumber fry, coconut fry and ghee.

Dhakai Labda Curry which I already shown in my other video, goes well with this BANGLADESHI VEGETARIAN BHUNA KHICHDI.

Enjoy delicious Bangladeshi recipe with your friends, family and relatives! 
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