Tuesday, November 1, 2016

MANGAL KALASH SWEETS RECIPE - Diwali Special Sweets Dish | Holy Pot Sweets Recipe

Making sweets at home in Diwali, is an age old Indian tradition! Diwali or Festival of Lights celebration is very special for every Indian! 
Foods, gifts, decoration are seen everywhere to celebrate this Grand Occasion!
This year, I present, MANGAL KALASH or MONGOL GHOT - a special Sweet Dish, that I innovate. Please don't forget to tell me your views in comment! Happy Diwali!

Ingredients - 
500 ml full cream milk
250 gm Khoya or Mawa
150 gm sugar (powdered)
1/2 tsp Cardamom powder
7-8 Almond (optional)
2 tbsp chocolate sauce
Method - 
(Must watch the video below to see the step by step method)
Boil the milk and thicken. 
Heat a pan. Put Khoya or Mawa in it. Add thickened milk little by little. Stir continuously till Khoya or Mawa gets smoothly mixed up, without any lump. 
Keep the flame low.
When this mixture gets thicken, add powdered sugar. Stir and cook for another 7-8 minutes. 
Add, cardamom powder. Mix well. Cook till the mixture forms like dough and leaves the floor of the pan. Here, the white mixture will turn little creamy color.
Then, put off flame. 
Rest this mixture in room temperature till hardened.
When this mixture get hardened, give it shapes like pots.
Fill the pot with Chocolate sauce and chopped cardamom.
Serve this sweet dish to your family and friends!

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