Thursday, April 13, 2017

Green Mango Squash Recipe

Green Mango Squash Recipe 
Green Mango Synthetic Syrup
Summer is the season for excessive sweat and fatigue! Need to keep cool ourselves. 
Here I show how to make SYNTHETIC GREEN MANGO flavoured SYRUP at home, to get quickly refreshed in summer days!
Interestingly it costs only 1/3rd than similar products available in market.
Make quick refreshing drink at 1/3rd price, than of market available drinks.

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Ingredients - 
750 gm sugar
1000 ml water
1/2 cup lime juice
2 tsp green mango food color
2 tsp green mango essence

How to make -
Boil sugar in water and make the sugar syrup till it reached one thread consistency. Add lime juice.
Cool it down to room temperature. Add food color and food essence. Mix well. 
Store in a air tight bottle in refrigerator. 

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  1. This Green Mango Squash Recipe looks very cool and it is very beneficial for health in summers and this mango syrup is made by natural mangoes no other color and preservative things are added in it.